Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Review #9 - Sweet Valley High #13 - Kidnapped ! by Francine Pascal

I always feel like, Somebody's watching me,

Although it failed to triumph the greatness of the previous book in the series (see my review) it was still one of the best Sweet Valley High books because of it's stellar ingredients : drama, far-fetched plot, a crazed stalker on the loose and Jessica's seductive flirting - which just about puts her on the same wave length in craziness and danger as the stalker.

The plot continues directly from the previous book : 
Elizabeth has been kidnapped by a mental orderly, Creepy Carl, at the hospital where she's working as a candy striper. 

Unaware of these events, Jessica leaves for the rich,new and attractive Morrow's party where she meets Regina. She's the only Sweet Valley High character I know with a disability (she's deaf) and the star of a similar Sweet Valley High book #26 - Hostage which is just as good.

There's also Nicholas, her brother whose in college who Jessica has her sights set on - don't get your hopes up a Jessica, have you read the plot of the next book ? 

After days in darkness and days of Jessica crying, Elizabeth is saved due to a slip up at the hospital where Carl mistook Jessica for Elizabeth - yet more proof why being a twin is better.

The novel ends with Elizabeth meeting Nicholas who gazes at her adoringly upon sight and Liz knows she's in for trouble.

Basically, it was like a slightly inferior version of my favourite Sweet Valley book - Sweet Valley High #7 - Dear Sister.

Another thing that made me love this book even more was that it's got me obsessed with the Sweet Valley High tv show because the three part episodes of this were absolutely amazing. 

They add in the additional story of Carl (or as he is known in TV show, Peter) escaping from prison after being arrested for kidnapping Liz and kidnaps Jess. Still not as good as the books though but equally satisfying.

Can't wait for #14 - Deceptions !

Verdict : 5 Stars !

Look forward to a series review soon of the Saturday Night series,

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