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Review #7 - Fear Street #3 - The Overnight by R.L Stine

Keep with me forward, All through the night

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No picture for this  because yet a again it's the collection cover. The same shall go for the feature of my next review - The Babysitters Club #40 - Claudia and the Middle School Mystery by Ann M. Martin which will posted tomorrow.

Back to the Present :
One of the worst Fear Street books, particularly because I hate it when a supposedly dead character suddenly comes back to life.

This far-fetched weakling has you actually rooting for the main characters to die, instead of stay alive, because they're utterly annoying.

Maia was over-sensitive (which just reminded me of Mary Anne who's my least favourite member of the Babysitters Club), Suki was clearly flirting with Ricky so she was leading Gary on, Ricky's jokes were terrible,Della was an idiot and I could just about tolerate Pete and Gary.

The plot was just as bad :

The Outdoors Club's ( I seriously doubt there'd be so many members, all the people above) overnight gets postponed so they decide to go on their own overnight without a super visor.

Surprisingly their motives aren't what you'd initially think.They actually start of the trip by playing an innocent game of paintball.

Della comes across a 'handsome' gentleman, wearing a skull necklace , in the woods who proceeds to attack her. In act of self-defence she pushes him off a cliff and he 'dies'.

The group decide not to contact the police but cover the body with leaves when it's windy. Seriously R.L ?

When they return home, Della and Gary receive skulls, from the dead mans necklace, with
threatening messages attached. Also, Pete and Della almost die in a car chase.

 What the group have forgotten though is that nows the  time to go on the supervised overnight.

Dead guy comes back to life and attempts to kill Della but is quickly arrested.

What I've discovered is that I prefer Fear Street's were a character actually dies as they usually tend to be better.

Verdict : 3 stars !

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