Monday, 27 January 2014

Review #8 - The Babysitters Club #40 - Claudia and the Middle School Mystery by Ann M. Martin

The only thing Claudia is guilty of is bad spelling,
No picture for this  because it's the collection cover.  I understand it's pretty unacceptable that this post is almost a week late. 

But at least it's here now :

I've decided that, even though I've only read two books from her perspective, Claudia is my second favourite babysitter and Mary Anne is my least favourite - hence me not reading any books from her and reading books from all the other  babysitters.

I absolutely adored the storyline of this one - Claudia is accused of cheating in Maths test off one of the best students in the class and must somehow prove her innocence therefore solving the mystery of    why the other girl cheated.

Here's the reason for hating Mary Anne in this one : she actually thinks Claud cheated and says so but when the other babysitters get angry at her she bursts into tears so they forgive - Slap not hug Claud !

The main reasons for my love for this were : there were lots of anecdotes about babysitting, mystery's always tend to be my favourites and Janine was in it a lot (she's my favourite non-babysitter).

Although it wasn't as good as possibly my favourite ever Babysitters club book and the only other Claudia book I've ever read (I plan to change that soon) The Babysitters Club #2 - Claudia and the phantom phone calls it was still excellent.

Verdict : 5 stars !

Sweet Valley review coming soon,

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