Monday, 20 January 2014

Review #5 - Babysitters Little Sister #4 - Karen's Kittycat Club by Ann M. Martin

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So I actually read this book on Friday but have only just managed to post this. The day after tomorrow I'll be posting a Sweet Valley High review so look forward to that.

Anyway here's my thoughts on this book :

So as per usual these books are incomparable to the greatness that is it's predecessor The Babysitters Club, but they're rather cute.

In case you didn't know, these books focus on Kristy's 7 year old stepsister Karen's antics.

This book focuses on Karen wanting to be like Kristy (why Kristy when there's Stacey, Claudia practically anyone else in Stoneybrook ?) so she creates her own club about cat-sitting - so naive !

Predictably the club fails but Karen does learn some important lessons - such as karma will get you if you even admire Kristy. What I learnt was that Karen's a better speller than Claudia  even though Claud's 9 years older than her.

The cover has to be one of my favourites of the series even though the even worse equivalent of Mary Anne yet a stylish version,Nancy isn't on the cover.

Verdict : 2 Stars !

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  1. Haha, yes, why be like Kristy when you can be like Claudia! Sometimes I still hide candy, and I'm coming up on 30!

    1. Maybe Claudia should have her own spin-off series. Come on Anne, answer our prayers !

    2. Oh, I would love that! I also read an idea a while ago that the Baby-sitters Little Sister books should have include books from Becca, Emily Michelle, Claire, Margo, know, the other little sisters. I would have wanted a few about Janine too, if that had happened. And Anna. I can't remember who's older, Abby or Anna.

    3. Janine is definitely my favourite sibling of the entire series.