Monday, 6 January 2014

Bout of Books 9.0 Read-a-thon Announcement

Long time no post readers,

So I'm posting today to announce that this Blog, for the meantime, shall only be used for read-a-thon posts and possibly book hauls. I'm sorry but my life is simply too busy as of now to write detailed reviews and I myself would prefer a quality review over a basic review.

Moving on,today I shall be posting my sign up post for Bout of Books 9.0. I've participated in one of their read-a-thons before and hope to outdo my previous totals.

Go to main website for a description of the read-a-thon if you're interested in joining.

My TBR consists of :
Nancy Drew Files #45 - Out of Bounds by Carolyn Keene (I'm on page 67 at the minute and read 55 pages before the read-a-thon began)
Babysitter's Club #39 - Poor Mallory ! by Ann M. Martin
Fear Street #2 - The Surprise Party by R.L Stine
Sweet Valley Twins #10 - One of the Gang by Francine Pascal
Witch by Christopher Pike
Babysitter's little sister #4 - Karen's Kittycat club by Ann M. Martin

(And if they arrive from Amazon)

The Lying Game #4 - Hide and Seek by Sara Shepard
Teach me by R.A Nelson
Point Romance - Saturday Night #4 - Summer Nights by Caroline B. Cooney

Wish me luck,


  1. I've enjoyed reading your writing, so this will be fun too. :)

    1. Thank you. I'm just glad to be back blogging again, I really missed it.