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Review #3 - Point Horror - Homecoming Queen by John Hall or Seriously John, death in the Laundromat ?

Homecoming Queen by John Hall (Paperback, 1997)
Hello Book Lovers,

The story begins on the first day of the school year with our main character Melissa (ordinary PH) showing her friends ,since she began attending the school last Winter , Celeste DiPagila (Is that even a proper name ? she's the Mary Anne of the story) and Izzy (pretty much Claudia but if Claudia wore outrageous vintage pieces) , the transformation she undertook during the Summer for Senior year - basically Melissa's looks have gone from Mallory to Stacey.
Thanks to her new found beauty Seth, boy next door type ,her crush is caught checking her out in the hall much to the distaste of mean girls Laurel (who previously dated him and refuses to let him go - sounds like she's escaped from The Girlfriend by R.L Stine) and Betsy (whose name strangely makes me think of a cow so I guess her personality fits).
During homeroom there's an announcement of the first Homecoming for 25 years. Que time for the plot to kick in.
After a strange conversation about Tasty Tuna (Seriously John?) killing dolphins - Seriously John, did you steal this from a Dawn rant in BSC ? - Melissa asks why there hasn't been a Homecoming for so long.
It turns the last Homecoming Queen Brenda Sheldon was killed in a car accident after the last Homecoming dance along with 5 other students and the dance hasn't been held since to respect them. The dance is being held again because the school needs funding because it's basically more of a dump than most of the houses on Fear Street.
Seth comes up to the table to join them and when he leaves Laurel threatens Melissa to stay away from Seth because he belongs to her just like the Homecoming Queen crown. Melissa decides to prove Laurel wrong and runs for Homecoming in order to beat her and Betsy (the cow).
Her campaign begins when she breaks into the school to put up her posters up before the other contestants.Naughty Point Horror teaching us to commit crimes and foul play again. Suspiciously and sensibly Celeste stays in the car as she fears admonishment.
When she's putting the posters up she discovers the Homecoming Queens throne, robe, crown and scepter in the theatre room and on human impulsive tries them on then sits on the throne. Her dreams of the crown are interrupted when she looks up and sees a sand bag (Seriously John, couldn't you think of a more intimidating weapon ?) headed for her head.
Predictably she escapes in the nick of time and notices that Laurel, Betsy (a cow and a spy) and Betsy's creepy boyfriend (if she's a cow would that make him a bull?) Zach.Their relationship is described as being like Fatal attraction. Look at Point Horror naming the films they've ripped off.  The terror trio have ripped all of her posters down - mean people are mean - so she leaves in a hissy fit like the mature seventeen year old she is.
The next day the first week's (out of 3) Homecoming Queen results are announced and Melissa's in the lead thanks to a light effect Izzy did with the posters. Of course Laurel comes over to the table in a furious rage saying she'll be Homecoming Queen no matter what. Seriously John , they'll be at college next year it won't even matter then and no one will remember, stop with the over dramatic statements.
Seth offers to ride Melissa home (don't carpool with almost strangers Melissa) and a revelation occurs. He spent $20 dollars worth of votes for Melissa to become Homecoming Queen - which is a fine line on the border of creepy and romantic - and they kiss making a date for next Saturdays county fair . Seriously John, a county fair ?
Anyway the 'walking on sunshine' feeling comes to an abrupt end when she returns home to an angry Celeste whom she'd accidentally double booked (yeah sounds like Mary Anne in my previous read Babysitters mystery #26) but she's forgiven when told the reason.
At the library that evening Melissa meets other Homecoming contestants Tia and Faith - the schools friendly gossipers. So basically a duo version of Caroline Pearce (SVT).They invite her to a 'popular' party  and she's overjoyed - way to ditch your friends.
On her way home she sees a girl in a white blood stained dress resembling Brenda Sheldon who tells her "Wear the crown and you will die ... just like me." So from Friday -Monday none of the lights in my house were working. Can you imagine how much scarier this scene seemed with only a feeble lamp at midnight ?
Izzy convinces her the next day that it was probably Laurel or Betsy (a ghostly cow?) but it plays on Melissa's mind for days.
Seth invites Melissa to go roller-skating on Friday (like in my previous re-cap of Left Behind coincidentally) and she agrees obviously. But  oh the horror ! She's double-booked accidentally again (unorganised idiot).
Celeste - whose making herself more clearly crazy by the chapter - throws another hissy fit because they were supposed to be going shopping for Homecoming dresses however Melissa resolves the issue by going shopping with them that evening.
At the mall that evening, Melissa spots a sexy scarlet dress -Seth's in for something good - in the boutique but deems it inappropriate. Eventually she picks a strappy teal dress instead - doesn't sound quite so appealing. Poor Seth.
Laurel overhears them talking about Melissa going to the dance with Seth and so ensues a jealous rage. Melissa  blames it on Izzy because she practically screamed across the shop about Seth. They make up again when Izzy has another great idea - watch out Kristy she's giving you a run for your babysitting money - give out chocolates with 'Vote for Melissa' written on a strip of paper inside.
Tension and double booking rise again (Seriously John?) when news of the party reach them as it clashes with their John Hughes movie marathon - don't you forget about them Melissa. They claim she's ditched them for the popular crowd (which she totally has) and she storms out.
Flash forward to the next day when Melissa's at the gym and so are Laurel, Faith,Izzy as well as Zach. She and Faith rest after their workout by getting carrot juices at the bar (yuck! A Dawn concoction) together but Faith leaves to use the tanning beds soon after.
Big mistake! The tanning bed was tampered with so it would burn her so she couldn't run for Homecoming  Queen anymore or have her party.
It's Friday, Friday gotta get down on Friday - time for Seth and Melissa's roller-skating date. Seth asks Melissa to the Homecoming dance and she's only just had time to accept when Laurel (her companion cow not far behind) interrupts by 'spraining her ankle' directly in front of them forcing Seth rushes her to hospital.
To soothe her achy breaky heart she goes to see a carefree horror movie with her friends called The Strangler. Barely into the film Melissa feel like someone's strangling her and they are but not intentionally - mistaken identity.
Something sinister is awaiting Melissa at home - a bouquet of dead roses with a note attached that says :
To clarify that Brenda Sheldon is not victimising her , like any sane person, Melissa chooses to got to a graveyard in the middle of the night to check if she has a grave. Seriously John ? Izzy accompanies her however not for long as Izzy suddenly disappears and Brenda comes crawling out of her grave ,lunging for Melissa! Of course it's actually a dream - YA may be far-fetched but not the far-fetched *coughs* except for *coughs* SVH The Evil Twin *coughs*.
In P.E the next day Tia asks to borrow Melissa's text book from her locker.When she opens Melissa's locker a swarm of ruthless bees are unleashed and begin worsening her complexion. Melissa's convinced that Laurel and Betsy (I suppose cows are good bee-charmers) are guilty but when she tells them her suspicions they say that she put the bees in her own locker knowing that Tia would have to borrow a text book - because that's totally logical.Zach might be the one who's truly the culprit as he was sighted by Celeste near the scene of the crime - told you he was shifty.
 Melissa wins the homecoming queen vote count yet again but there's still another week until the winner is announced. The happiness continues on her date with Seth on Saturday at the county fair were they do the clichĂ© things : he wins her a teddy bear on the bullseye hammer thing and after that they share a steamy kiss in the tunnel of love - Ooh Saucy !
Unfortunately there isn't a perfect ending to this evening because Seth takes Melissa to the haunted house. Somehow they become separated in the hall of mirrors and Melissa ends up being almost be-headed by a masked axman (which turns out not to be part of the attraction) but luckily only the teddy suffers his wrath. R.I.P Teddy.
The weekend becomes progressively worse when she gets a phone call that tells her "Almost lost your head tonight, Melissa. That would have been awful. A Queen can't wear her crown without her head."
Things don't improve on Monday as Betsy takes the Homecoming Queen crown instead of her and Izzy threatens to kill her so Melissa can have her dream night with Homecoming King Seth.
That night Melissa goes to the Laundromat. Later she's thirsty so leaves for a short while. Upon her return she notices that the washers cycle is complete and reaching inside it she finds a severed head... 
Thankfully it's a fake planted there by Laurel and Betsy (cows just wanna have fun !) and she leaves as they cackle. Seriously John, this story is set in the late 20th century, does no one have a washing machine in this town ?
Melissa's halfway home when she realises she's forgotten the text book she was revising from at the Laundromat so she goes back for it. Instead of finding her textbook though she finds Betsy's corpse ! Seriously John, death in the Laundromat ?

 Melissa's Homecoming Queen now but she might not even be able to go to the dance because she finds her dress slashed to shreds. Celeste has a back up for her though - a beautiful white fairytale dress that belonged to her Aunt.
Melissa didn't even know Celeste had an Aunt so she begins asking questions about her and Celeste tells her it was Brenda Sheldon ! Before you know it knifes out,Celeste is confessing to everything. Her motive was that she didn't want anyone to replace her Aunt as Homecoming Queen and that Brenda had become a disrespected myth.
The book ends with Celeste being electrocuted by a pond (Seriously John?) and Melissa ends up with a happily ever after.
This is another really awesome point horror - there's plenty of 'scary' scenes and the ending is pretty unpredictable. The cover gives a good demonstration of the goodness - not as spine tingling as Spring Break but better than Call Waiting. Just proves that you should judge books by their covers kids.
My rating of Homecoming Queen : 4 out of 5 stars
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Another re-cap will be posted promptly,

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My Resurrection

Let's just all agree that ,like SV and BSC, I suck at continuity,
Hey faithful readers,
So this is my second apology post in less than a month about the absence of posts.
Unfortunately this time there isn't really an excuse - I've had a whole week off to post away. 
The fact is I'm just a pure procrastinator. As far as I'm aware I was basically in a coma after Tuesday because ,as far the last 4 days are concerned, I haven't accomplished anything except eating too much Halloween candy !
So I'm resurrecting  the blog and my life - wave goodbye to those unnecessary hours of Youtube watching and say hello to writing 3 posts a week.
Fingers crossed I keep my promise this time.
Oh and on another note I won't be reviewing The Ruling Class because that book was awful and I didn't even survive to the end.
Do look forward to reviews of these books this week :
Point Horror - Homecoming Queen by John Hall
The Babysitters Club Mystery #26 - Dawn Schafer, Undercover Babysitter (such a funny title) by Ann M Martin
Point - Love lessons by David Belbin
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See you soon,

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Currently Reading #2 - The Ruling Class by Francine Pascal

The Ruling Class
(Picture belongs to Goodreads)
Hello Readers,
So this isn't a Book Haul because I only got 3 books :( so I'm waiting until I accumulate enough to do one . On the Brightside I've just ordered 23 books as My Birthday present and I'm off school this week so shopping opportunities are destined to arise.
Luckily for you I'm posting something else. A Currently Reading Post of a modern book by Francine Pascal - Sweet Valley's creator !
Blurb :
In the posh suburban Dallas high school of Highland Park, the beautiful and perfect Jeanette Sue is queen. The Ruling Class, her clique of spectacularly cruel girls, runs the school. Brutally. And no one questions them. Certainly not the little suck-up Myrna Fry, whose only aim in life is to be part of the Ruling Class, no matter what or who gets trashed. It's a nightmare school caught in the grips of terror until the arrival of the totally undesirable, absolutely unfashionable, and -- way worse -- poor Twyla Gay Stark. And then, of course, there is the tall and gorgeous hunk, Ryder McQuaid, Jeanette Sue's property. Or so Jeanette Sue thinks.
My Current Thoughts :
I'm on page 21 out of 176 at the moment and I already know it doesn't even compare to SVH . Sure Jeanette Sue's a lot meaner than Jessica but literally none of the characters are relatable whereas ,with SV, I share qualities with pretty much every character.
This doesn't mean I'm not enjoying this Mean Girl's style read because after all I do love an excellent antagonist so Jeanette Sue and the rest of the clique is awesome.
One issue with this book - why does everybody have a double barrelled first name ?
Seriously Francine - Jeanette Sue, Myrna Fry (what sort of name is that anyway ?), Twyla Gay, Anna Marie, Mary Anne (BSC!) and Betty Jane - ?

Teaser Tidbit :
Basically a Teaser Tidbit challenge is a showcase of a taster from my current read to entice you to add it to your TBR pile.

"With her so blond hair (somebody said it's not really blond, but they don't know) and her aqua eyes (I heard they're colour contacts, but I don't believe that) and the whitest teeth (this girl in my math class said they're all caps, but that's not true), she's way the most perfect girl in the school." - page 2

Sound familiar? Minus the parts in brackets and Multiply by 2 you've got a standard SV opening. Seriously Francine ?

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You wouldn't want to face the wrath of Jeanette Sue, would you ? 

Review/Recap of this will be up tomorrow most likely,

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Review #2 - Sweet Valley Twins #21 - Left behind by Francine Pascal or Seriously Francine,a gold digger?

Left Behind (Sweet Valley Twins, #21)
(picture belongs to Goodreads)
Good evening readers,
I know there was never a currently reading post for this but that's because I read this in one sitting on Saturday so I didn't really see the point in doing one.

My next post probably won't be until the weekend because I'm working my way through my modern books at the moment and taking a break from Nightmare Hall. But you're in luck because my Saturday post will probably be a Book Haul because I'm going to one of my best towns for 80's and 90's books.
Expect a lot more posts soon though because on Friday, half-term break commences.
Back to the present and the review :
In my opinion this is one of the weakest Sweet Valley books I've read because it was more focused on Elizabeth's friend Sarah than the actual twins. However that doesn't mean that it didn't have enough drama to outshine any daytime soap.
First let me introduce you to our main character (I won't bother introducing you to the usual characters) Sarah and her train-wreck of a family. Sarah is a member of Elizabeth's posse and has recently been suffering problems at home due to her father's gold digger fiancĂ©.

The story starts with it's generic opening of the twins descriptions and extra-curriclars as if we needed reminding for the millionth time that the twins are more beautiful, Elizabeth's smarter and Jessica's wilder than we'll ever be.

We then move on to the actual story with Elizabeth, Amy and Sarah discussing a history project and arrange to work on it at Sarah's sleepover the following Friday.

Amy invites them both over for home-made brownies - *drools* - and Sarah mysteriously refuses ! Seriously Francine , who refuses brownies (except Stacey for medical reasons and Dawn because she's weird) ?

Jessica then finally makes an appearance to complain that the Unicorn's featurette in The Sweet Valley Sixers was less than appeasing - as if they got a featurette anyway.

Jessica rushes home as she remembers that the president of the Unicorn club (whose amazingly more annoying than Kristy) ,J
anet, is coming to the Wakefield residence to discuss the plans for the Unicorns latest party so she has to clean her room in order to impress her - because that's a totally normal thing to do.

Anyway Janet comes over and asks about Steven - unobvious to Jessica because she has a crush on him - but he's not there so they continue with their planning while eating cookies. Seriously Francine are you trying to make them obese (and me) ?

The perfect idea of a luau - Seriously Francine, what ? - and they decide to have the Hawaiian party in Jessica's yard because it has palm trees - I thought there was palm trees like everywhere in California ?

The next day the twins go roller-skating - How 80's :D - Jessica invites Janet and Elizabeth invites Sarah who at first attempts to refuse. Seriously Francine , who wouldn't want to skate with the Wakefield's ?

At the rink Sarah tells Elizabeth her Cinderella tale - After her Mother died her Father persu
ed his secutery Annie whose spiteful to Sarah when her Father isn't around and who Sarah is convinced is only marrying him for his money. Now I ain't saying she's a gold digger...

Meanwhile Janet asks Jessica about Steven again but of course he's too macho to hang with his little sisters and is playing basketball. Janet decides it's time for refreshments - nacho's and cherry cola (Seriously Francine, can you hear my stomach grumbling ?)
- and they bump into Bruce Patman. Do I hence foreshadowing , Francine ?

Sarah has returned after the rink and tries to sneak up stairs to avoid Annie but gets caught and scolded. Annie pigs out on the sofa whilst Sarah does Annie's jobs for her as a punishment

As soon as Daddy dear returns though Annie clears up any evidence of her lounging  - speechlessness annoyance ensues - and a harsh reality slaps Sarah cold. Her father is going on a business trip for a week therefore she and Annie will have a week alone together. Seriously Francine , does the poor girl deserve such torture ?

The situation reminded me of the opening lines to one of my favourite songs I'm on fire by Bruce Springsteen from Annie's perspective :
Hey little girl is your daddy home ?,
Did he go and leave you all alone ?,
Oh I got a bad desire

Automatically after Sarah's father leaves Annie receives a phone call summoning her to a town faraway from Sweet Valley for a week! Sounds like a win win situation right ? Well imagine being alone in house for an entire week at age 12. Sound like my worst nightmare personally.

When Sarah gets home she gets a call from her inquisitive Aunt Lillian but she dismisses all comments of unhappiness.

The seemingly endless evenings of restlessness continue and everyone is become more concerned especially Elizabeth but Sarah's too afraid to admit the truth.

Jessica finally finds out about Janet's unrequited love and loses it - The argument even ends up with Jessica threatening to leave the Unicorns ! I haven't been so shocked since Mallory went on strike. Fortunately this is quickly resolved.

Sarah's returned home from school on Friday when she hears a noise from downstairs and does the 'logical' thing of running downstairs to see if there's a burglar. This is when she stumbles, her head colliding with a banister and is knocked unconscious all because her school books fell on the floor.

Elizabeth shows up at the house a few hours later to take Sarah to her sleepover but no one is answering the door. Peering through the window Elizabeth witnesses a horrible sight - no not Scott from All night long - Sarah looking dead !

Immediately Mr Wakefield jumps into Emergency mode - breaking through the glass to save her and finding her father's business card so he can come to rescue.

Luckily Sarah's worst injuries were two broken twos plus a concussion. Sarah's father and Aunt Lillian turn up and they're bewildered to learn that Annie wasn't caring for her. Little Miss Guilty turns up and it turns out she's been lying about everything including the fact that she actually had no reason to leave Sarah ! Somebody tune the hospital radio to Kanye West's Gold digger.

The book ends up with the twins learning that Sweet Valley Middle School has a new arrival - Ginny Lu (what a name !) from Texas - the star of the next book Out of Place.

Disappointment then flooded through me - what about Jessica's legendary luau ? Seriously Francine you better include that in Out of place or there'll be trouble. At least it's only month till my birthday which I think is when I'll be receiving it. Damn you Sweet Valley cliff-hangers!

My rating of Left Behind : 5 stars

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See you Saturday,

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Redesigned and Revived

I'm back Readers and better than ever hopefully,
So after not posting for over a week due to the crazy ad problem that Blogger was having, I'm back.
As you can see Babysitting in Sweet Valley has a new colour scheme that I think is far superior to it's previous design.
Anyway I read two Nightmare Hall books - Monster and Truth or die - during my absence which I might do re-caps for. Please comment if you want them.
I'll be reading Deadly Attraction after my current read so expect a currently reading post soon.
Before I go I'd just like to thank you all for your lovely feedback. I really appreciate it.
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Bye for now,

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Review #1 - Point Horror - Nightmare Hall - The Wish by Diane Hoh or Seriously Diane, how many times are they going to go to Vinnie's?

Hi readers,

Sorry this wasn't posted yesterday but you can blame that on the boring geography I was enduring till 19:00. My next post will probably be a currently reading of Point Horror - Nightmare Hall - Monster by Diane Hoh or a review of it on Friday.

Anyway let's move onto the review shall we :

The Wish (Nightmare Hall, #4)

I've read 5 of the Nightmare Hall books (Silent Scream in 2011, The Roomate in 2011,Guilty in 2012,Scream Team 2009 and Pretty Please last week)and nearly all of Diane's stand-a-lone Point Horror books. In my opinion she's one of the series' best writers and I wasn't disapointed by this novel.

The Wish begins in a setting that appears in all the Nightmare Hall books but rather to an over-kill point in this one (8 TIMES) - Vinnie's Pizzera which is basically a less superior version of The Dari Burger (SV) but specialising in pizza's instead.

Our main character Alex - whom is a plain jane (typical point horror) - stumbles across The Wizard ,a creepy beyond belief fortune telling booth , that she happens to be afraid of due to a fortune telling incident when she was 9 - so random.

As she's quaking in fear at this 'harmless' antique her posse approachs including the Sweet Valley Twins ! Not really but Julie and Jenny (why is there always a Jenny/Jennifer in Point Horror books?) are dead-ringers for the Californian beauties - long blonde hair, one twin is studious and often wears blouses and the other lives to party and is addicted to dating.

Other honourable characters I'll mention are Kiki,whose name even sounds bitchy. Kiki is known for her bitchness and constantly failing diets. And Marty whom Alex is besotted with.

Back to the story - 2 of the characters decide to make wishes and get their fortunes told. Julie wishes for an exotic face - you definetely wouldn't catch Jessica Wakefield wishing for that - and her fortune card reads "BEWARE THE LOOKING GLASS,LEST YOU SEE YOUR TRUE REFLECTION". Gabe , Julie's boyfriend and your typical jock, wishes for wheels and his card says "SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE".

2 more of the characters are about to make wishes when suddenly a power cut strikes because of a raging storm happening outside. When the lights finally turn back on the students decide to return to their dorms. But not all of them make it...

Julie crashes the car into a tree lying across the road and her face is completely destroyed. Gabe's confined to a wheelchair. Alex realises their fortunes have come true !

The next day the reminants of the gang are at Vinnie's again and Kiki wishes to be 5 pounds thinner . Her fortune card reads "SELF-DISIPLINE IS THE GREATEST OF ALL VIRTUES".

They then venture to the hospital visit Gabe, Julie and Jenny (who stayed overnight because she didn't want to leave her sister). But before Alex can reach the room she hears a blood-curdling scream from Julie's room - Poor Jenny's learnt she's missed a trip to Vinnie's! Only joking this book may be far-fetched but not that much.

Inside she discovers twins fighting over a snake patterened mirror that was gifted to Julie anonymously - possibly by a snake in the grass ?

After this fiasco Jenny decides not to protect her twin from this creepy Santa but chooses to return to the dorm instead.Meanwhile Alex goes to her job at the radio station and  Kyle closes the door to the radio booth with Alex inside. During her radio work she receives an anonymous request to play the song "Who's sorry now?" for Julie.

She ends her shift rather abrubtedly after this - just because Julie may have a pyscho after her doesn't mean you should be slacking on the job Alex - but the door to the booth is locked. To the reader Kyle is looking pretty shifty but Alex dismisses his involvement and tries to phone for help.

Predictably the line is dead and darkness suddenly descends upon the radio station. This next part now is a bit weird : an unexplainable wind tries to drag Alex off the balcony that's connected to the radio booth. Seriously Diane ?

Fortunately the head of the radio stations saves her and so the next day she's recovered enough to go to - drum roll please - Vinnie's ! During their pizza Alex has several bitchy thoughts (that are repeated several times throughout the book) about Kiki eating the most out of anyone on the table. I thought Kiki was supposed to be the bitchy one !

Alex forgets her resentment towards The Wizard by having her own fortune told with Marty. Marty wishes to not have to do an upcoming speech. Alex doesn't wish for anything which is a bit strange considering the title of the book. They both get the same card that reads "SILENCE IS GOLDEN".

Now this was when I started getting my suspicions about Bennet - a member of the group who badly damaged his legs in a previous accident that is never explained (so much for back stories) so wears crutches and is always groaning about his inability to play football due to the crutches-who is the only one who hasn't visited the Wizard.

The next day it's time for another group outing not to Vinnie's this time - SHOCKER ! - but to a football game. During the intermission Alex receives phone that tells her to "Take me seriously or you'll regret it "The voice is disguised of course - it always is in point horror books - but Kiki later admits that it was her who called intending for it to be a joke about Alex's refusal to take The Wizard seriously - her bitchy side has finally been unleashed!

While the others go to Vinnie's, Alex goes to a party back at the dorms.And sees Kyle being thrown over the balcony... I should point out this is a plot hole because Kyle is written to be at Vinnie's and so is the thrower who I'll reveal shortly.

Alex decides to investigate to see if any clues to the identity of the thrower are on the balcony - wow Alex look at you giving Nancy Drew a run for her money - after Kyle's been carted to the hospital in a coma. She finds a shiny gold football medallion (hence the cover) in a plant pot and discovers that it's the same design that was given to every member of the football squad. Including : Gabe, Kyle, Bennet (who's now looking SUPER FISHY) and Marty.

The next day whilst she's visiting her friends at the hospital she illegally searches through Kyle's belongings to see if the one that she found is his. It's not as Kyle's as it's amongst his possessions but before she begins to question the other suspects Kiki collapses in the ward (how convenient ?) and is hospital due to her dangerous weight.Karma's a bitch and so is Kiki.

This certainly doesn't stop the gang visiting Vinnie's - I swear that place would be bankrupt without them - and Alex gets each suspect alone to ask them about the football charm. They all claim to have lost it. Seriously Diane,everyone's so carless?

Alex gets the shuttle bus home from Vinnie's as she's lost her friends and finds that it's completely empty with the exception of the driver. As soon as she's inside he begins careening the bus at high speed like a maniac. When they reach the woodland near Nightmare Hall ,the same place as the car accident, he jumps out. Magically the police appear moments later to save Alex.

To cheer Alex up the following day the friends go to Vinnie's - seriously Diane ? what sort of diets do these kids have - and thus begins Alex's strange shouting rant with the Wizard about why all this is happening to her .Suddenly a fortune card comes out of the machine ,and I swear at the time I read this a shiver went down my spine , that reads "THE WHEELS ON THE BUS GO ROUND AND ROUND".

Frightened , Alex pleads for Marty to take her home but changes her mind and wants to go to the hospital instead to check if Kyle's jewel football is still there for a reason that remains unexplained. Of course ,as anyone could have guessed, the football has miraculously vanished !

We then come to the worst 'scary' scene ever :it has come to the time when Marty has to deliver his speech  but his voice has gone , taken by a voice stealer it seems.

If you're like me you may have worked out now that a bad thing has happened to everyone but Bennet. Way to make it obvious Diane!

To make me even more convinced that Bennet is behind all these 'accidents' his ex-girlfriend tells Alex that she had Bennet's football charm and only just gave it back to him.

Alex then goes to Vinnie's thankfully for the final time and confronts the Wizard again - like any 'sane' person would. He starts sending her fortune cards that say things like "You dare threaten me ?".

Gabe appears and points his crutch at her and she realises that she's forgotten a majorly important detail of the night Kyle was thrown from the balcony....

The weird length of the throwers arm.Exactly the length of the crutch Gabe has and Bennet but Alex has completely overlooked Bennet so is convinced Gabe is the perputraitor. Alex is knocked unconscious by an unknown and when she awakes she finds herself in the storage closet of Vinnie's.

As it is unlocked she quickly escapes and the Wizard is directly in front over her screaming -yes he can talk and if you're like me and petrified of creepy dolls (thank you Poltergeist) you'll be having nightmares tonight - that she and her friends are responsible for everything that has happened.

Alex spots a crutch poking out from behind the Wizards booth - thank god the Wizard wasn't the one talking - and she assumes obviously that it's Gabe. Out pops ... Bennet! I KNEW IT.

Bennet explains that the Wizard telepathetically told him to cause all the accidents and his legs would be fixed allowing him to play football again. The Wizard did the humanly impossible things like making Marty lose his voice. Seriously Diane?

Bennet is carted off to a mental hospital before he can do his final deed to the wizard - killing Alex - and the book ends with the Wizard being sold to a burger joint owner - The Dari Burgers' possibly ? - who's unaware of the terror it will cause.

My rating of The Wish :

 3.5 out of 5 stars
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Bye for now,

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Currently Reading #1 - Point Horror - Nightmare Hall - The Wish by Diane Hoh

The Wish (Nightmare Hall, #4)
Hey Bookaholics,
Today I'm going to be introducing you to my current read The Wish and why it may be one of the most far-fetched and weirdest Point Horrors.
Expect a lot of Point Horror reviews and currently reading posts this month because it is after all Halloween - which is almost better than Christmas in my opinion even though it's not really celebrated in the UK.
Anyway back to :
The Wish
The Wish (Nightmare Hall, #4)
(photo belongs to Goodreads)

Blurb is from the edition pictured above because I don't know anyone who could write one better than the one already printed on the back :
High on a hillside overlooking Salem University, sits Nightingale Hall. Nightmare Hall, the students call it. Because that's where the terror began...

Alex is the first to notice the strange little booth in the campus pizza place. Wishes granted, fortunes told says the sign. Inside sits The Wizard, an eerie wooden figure with sinister blue eyes.

Alex's friends all make wishes. And, one by one, their wishes come true - but in terrifying, twisted ways. Could The Wizard be behind the horror? Or is it someone else - someone with a deadly wish all of their own?
My Current Thoughts :
Freakishly weird plotline that I guess if probably more sci-fi than horror. I don't really like this cover - with the exception of the autumn leaves in the background , brown and DEAD - it would be so much better if it was a picture of the menacing Wizard.
I'm on page 66 and it's already been ridiculous - an immensely strong gust of wind attempts to blow the protagonist off of a balcony 8 floors up . Seriously Diane ? But there'll be more on these crazy features in my recap/review which will probably be posted tomorrow.
For now to keep you intrigued here's a teaser tidbit :
Teaser Tidbit
Basically a Teaser Tidbit challenge is a showcase of a taster from my current read to entice you to add it to your TBR pile.
"And although his image had completely disappeared into the veil of darkness, Alex could feel the icy blue eyes of The Wizard, watching,watching ..." page 13
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