Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Review #6 - Sweet Valley High #12 - When love dies by Francine Pascal

It must have been love, but it's over now,
Posted a day early because plans fell through. No picture unfortunately because I only own the 3 in 1 that it's in so you'd be getting a picture of Deceptions.

My opinion :
It seems like ages since I've read a Sweet Valley High, since December I've only read Sweet Valley Twins books, and what a good decision it was to pick up this one, that I received for Christmas, to remind myself how far-fetched and loveable they are.

This has to be one of my favourite Sweet Valley High book and maybe from every Sweet Valley series one of the best. In my opinion books 5 to 30 are the best from the SVH series are the best for plot in my opinion as the book proves.

Both twins work as Candy Striper's at the hospital, Elizabeth to actually help out and Jessica to swoon a hospitalised SV resident celebrity. 

Karma's a bitch (and so's Jessica) so Elizabeth ends up working on the ward that the aforementioned  celebrity is on and ,downside, a creepy stalker who keeps asking her strange  questions and watching her when he thinks she's not looking. Meanwhile Jessica's plan has majorly back-fired, again..., so she's working on the maternity ward run by a witch of a woman.

This doesn't stop Jessica from going to see the celebrity and stirring up trouble by accidentally injuring him every time she tries to make him swoon.

Elizabeth discovers the real motive for Jessica's volunteering and seeks revenge by getting the celebrity to fake propose to Jessica. Hilariously, Jessica actually considers marrying him but changes her mind - how convenient for the sake of the series.

The book also focuses on their brother's, Steven, girlfriend's ,Tricia Martin, dilemma - Should she tell everyone she's got leukaemia ,including Steven ? 

The answer is yes and Tricia realises this after a lot of  unnecessary crying and a break-up. They make-up after Steven's short- lived relationship with Cara Walker , one of Jessica's best friends (can you guess who set them up in the first place ?), crashes and burns.

The ending is probably the best part of the book - Elizabeth is kidnapped by the mental orderly who has been stalking her all week ! This is the focus of the next book which I literally want to read right now - it might be even better !

Verdict : 5 out of 5 stars !

Coming soon : Fear Street #3 - The Overnight by R.L Stine Review,


  1. I read some of the earlier SVH books, like this one. I recently read reviews of the later ones, and they got WEIRD. Like, vampires and stuff. The reviews are here: http://90sflashback.wordpress.com/

    1. Yeah, I read one of the later ones and they definitely don't compare.