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Review #10 - Saturday Night series by Caroline B. Cooney

Dancing in the Dark,

A series that focuses on four dances that five very different girls attend.

The plot is basically this for each of the girls in each book:

The schools golden girl who suddenly finds herself pregnant in book one. 

She recovers from this by the second book and nothing exciting really happens to her until the fourth book when she gets a job travelling round the world with an author

Unfortunately, in every single book of the series, Anne's main story is repetitive - she breaks up then gets back together with boyfriend and father of her child, Con, which shows weakness in character development as well as plot.

Bossy and commanding Kip is the organiser of the dances and often the saviour of them as well - she put out a forest fire in book two and resolved petty crime in book one. 

Kip meets Mike (utter annoyance) at the end of book one and finds herself torn between him and a waiter named Lee in book two, who she ends up with.

However, book 4, Kip is boyfriendless in the end but has a promising future in New York at college.

Beth Rose 
Previously a wallflower, Beth is transformed by Gary's love in book one when he pity's the fact that she's dateless. 

In book three, she has a brief romance with one of Kip's younger brothers but in book four she meets photographer Jere who she ends up with.

Not part of the same group as the other girls, Molly actually does everything to destroy them.

In book one, she invites a drunk college guy to the dance. Next , in book two, she starts the
aforementioned forest fire and tries to drive Con and Anne apart.Book three, she attempts to get the girls arrested for false drug possession. 

Finally, in book four, her attitude is changed dramatically when she falls for Blaze who she ends up with.

I saved the best for last, Emily definitely has the best plot by far.

Making a dramatic entrance in book one, Emily barely makes it to the dance when her and her date the sweet, dashing Matt get caught in a storm with dangerous electrical wires surrounding them as they try to save a dying man after crashing their car.

In book two, Emily is kicked out of her house and almost attacked by Molly's date from book one.

The most romantic yet, in book three Matt proposes to Emily and book four follows her denial about the proposal when Matt gets an overseas job. She and Matt fortunately get a happy ending.

Overall Opinion

On the whole, this series probably should've stopped at book one with a passage at the end about the futures of the girls as the characters plots don't really develop.

Verdict : 3 Stars !

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