Friday, 17 January 2014

Review #4 - Sweet Dreams #99 - One boy too many by Marian Caudell or Seriously Marian, just let her date them both !

Friday Fabulousness,
My first review in months but what actually feels like years and boy am I happy to be reviewing again. Been busy the last couple of days that's why this wasn't up on the day after I read this (Tuesday).

Heads up for tomorrow - a book haul may be posted. Unfortunately last week when I went shopping I only got 1 book - Sweet Valley at least for 5p ! But another from a mini series -second in a series I don't own the rest of.I hate it when that happens. The town I'm going to tomorrow I haven't been to since October so the shops should be well stocked - including one that practically specialises in 80's/90's books.

Anyway onto Today's review (couldn't find a picture of this one sorry) :

I seriously regret that I don't own any more of these - I shall hope to buy some more tomorrow or if not in my monthly Amazon order - and also regret not picking them up sooner.

Splendid story again : an avid reader (who I felt very poignant to) has to choose between two identical twins with very two very different personalities - which I can't fathom how she managed to do because they were both equally attractive.

My personal favourite parts were the 80's mall scenes as they went into excruciating detail about the dresses and books at the time. Also the poolside scenes were pretty cool.

Not as good as Sweet Dreams #83 - Love by the book by Anne Park - the only other a Sweet Dreams book I've read - but still amazing !

Verdict : 5 out of 5 Stars
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  1. I think it's funny how all the YA books make such a big deal about identical twins having nothing in common. They look exactly alike but they're sooooooooooooooo different! Of course they'd have different personalities, but it seems like it's a rule or something that they have to be night-and-day.

    1. I totally blame Sweet Valley for that.
      Two of my cousins I are identical twins and their personalities are really similar.

    2. I have three sets of twins in my class. Fraternal girls, identical girls, and identical boys. The fraternal girls were both into sports, but different ones. The identical girls were better friends with themselves than anyone else (they also had a rough home life and eventually went to live with cousins). The identical boys both loved baseball, but one had double vision so it was hard for him to play well.

      In all three cases, the twins had individual as well as mutual friends, and some common interests but not every common interest. Just like singleton siblings.

    3. Oops, that should be "had." I'm well out of high school by now!

    4. No matter how badly books perceive twins though, I can't deny that I do wish I had a twin.

    5. I sometimes did too! But always a male twin. I have only brothers, and my parents still call me their "favorite" daughter. :)