Thursday, 6 February 2014

Review #14 - Sweet Valley High #14 - Deceptions by Francine Pascal

Whose gonna drive you home, tonight ?,

In an unexpected change of personality from Elizabeth, she willing embarks on a forbidden endeavour with the seductive Nicholas Morrow when she agrees to go on a date (she sees this as act of kindness, I see it as the sign of a break-up with Todd) to the most expensive restaurant in Sweet Valley the following Sunday. 

She figures that she'll be okay because it's Todd's mothers birthday that day so he won't want to hang out with her. She decides not to tell anyone about the date except Enid as a confidant and advice giver.

Jessica, unaware of this misdeed,  decides that taking computer lessons from Sweet Valley's resident expert (surprisingly not Winston :o, but a never previously mentioned randomer Randy)will lure Nicholas to her (his family owns a colossal computer cooperation).

She takes the lessons too far when she gets him to hack into the schools database in order to change her grades. They both end up getting caught but fortunately Liz's persuasion powers prevent them from being punished.

Elizabeth goes on her date with Nicholas (they both decide that they should just be friends which is the only reason Liz went in the first place) and Todd's at the restaurant to celebrate his mother's birthday. 

Panicking, she pretends to be Jessica and he believes her until he goes to her house to apologise to
her for mistaking Liz as Jess at the restaurant, Jess reveals she never left the house that evening.

Todd and Jess are both unsurprisingly furious but Jess decides that any boy who prefers Liz to her is unworthy of her attention anyway.

Todd, however, hasn't forgiven her that easily and the silence between them is lethal when Elizabeth is asked to review his teams championship basketball game. Todd plays badly because his mind is on Liz, not the game.

Nicholas, saviour to the masses, explains to Todd at half time that it was his fault Liz betrayed Todd because of his pressurising.With this revelation boosting his confidence Todd wins the championship.

Liz  is on a sorrowful walk home refusing to go to the celebratory party for fear of seeing Todd when Todd finds her, of course,  and they have a passionate make up kiss.

But it's practically law that Sweet Valley has to end on heart-stopping cliff-hanger and this one was definitely one to beat them all. The twins are at the party when they get a phone call from their parents who explain that Tricia, Steven's girlfriend who has leukaemia, is in intensive care and she could die at any minute!

This ending hit me like a ton of bricks - "Not Tricia.How will Steven survive ? Who will Jessica bitch about now ?" was all I could say for 5 minutes afterwards. I think I'll cry if she dies.

The side story was hilarious and the main story was excellent for this month  but I'm waiting for a Sweet Valley book where Jessica's the star - it's been all about Liz lately and I bet Jess is not best pleased.

Can't wait (yet am also dreading because of the death aspect) for #15 !

Verdict : 5 stars !

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  1. You're in the UK, right? Doesn't "randy" mean "horny" over there? Fun name, huh!