Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Review #12 - The Babysitters Club #42 - Jessi and the Dance School Phantom by Ann M. Martin

When We Dance,

February has begun. Therefore,in the theme of the season, I shall be reading and reviewing as many books as I can with a romance theme. It'll be mainly general romance books but there will be some Nancy Drew mysteries and horror books with a romance theme as well.

Here's the first book that I finished this month :

Proving yet again mysteries reign supreme, this is the second book I've read from Jessi's perspective (the other being the rather uneventful book #75 - Jessi's horrible prank) and I can already make the judgement that she's my second least favourite BSC member because her personality is rather boring.

In this one, Jessi receives threats after being cast as the lead in her dance schools latest production and she,with help from the rest of the club, must use her powers of deduction to discover who the saboteur is. 

Meanwhile, The club are gearing up for the Pet Show (another of Kristy's great ideas, no suprise there) in which their charges will showcase the best attributes of their animals in order to win prizes. There's dispute on who shall win and which sibling gets to enter each pet but in the end all the kids get prizes. 

The main thing I enjoyed about it was that there was a heavy focus on ballet and it had me wishing I had done it - not to receive death threats though. 

The side story was the weakest of all the books that I've read so far but it was still fun.

Another disappointing thing was that there weren't many babysitting anecdotes although there were many Nancy Drew references which I much appreciated.

Verdict : 5 Stars !

Next we have a Sweet Dreams Review,

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  1. Normally I don't like the mysteries, but this one was always one of my favorites.