Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Review #13 - Sweet Dreams #68 - Lovebirds by Janet Quin-Harkin

Down Under,

Failed to surpass the previous two (and only two I've read) Sweet Dreams books, but still heart-warming and definitely a perfect choice for Valentine's month.

The plot of all the Sweet Dreams books are so original : Tiffany is an unintentional prejudice brat from New York but must join her father on his filming trip to Australia for a safari documentary while her Mother goes on her honeymoon. 

On the trip, she meets a millionaire's son, Bruce Dawson, and soon falls for him and his love for protecting the environment. The love is requited.

 Tiff goes through a complete attitude change after saving koalas in a forest fire (literally couldn't make this stuff up) and having to fight for survival in the wilderness.

There's  just one thing separating Tiff and Bruce's love - he lives in Australia, she in New York. When Bruce discovers that he's been accepted to UCLA, Tiffany decides to move into her fathers house as she can't deal with her mothers attitude, the same attitude as she used to have. This end was definitely the sweetest part.

That little subheading I used is particularly fitting as Tiff refers to Men at Work as one of the only things she knows are from Australia in the beginning.Simply couldn't resist.

I particularly enjoyed the setting of this book, it has me convinced that I need to travel to Australia. I also adored the monumental character development of Tiffany which you don't often get in 80's and 90's YA.

Need to read more of these this month.

Verdict : 5 Stars !

Sweet Sweet Valley is my next subject matter,

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