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Currently Reading #2 - The Ruling Class by Francine Pascal

The Ruling Class
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Hello Readers,
So this isn't a Book Haul because I only got 3 books :( so I'm waiting until I accumulate enough to do one . On the Brightside I've just ordered 23 books as My Birthday present and I'm off school this week so shopping opportunities are destined to arise.
Luckily for you I'm posting something else. A Currently Reading Post of a modern book by Francine Pascal - Sweet Valley's creator !
Blurb :
In the posh suburban Dallas high school of Highland Park, the beautiful and perfect Jeanette Sue is queen. The Ruling Class, her clique of spectacularly cruel girls, runs the school. Brutally. And no one questions them. Certainly not the little suck-up Myrna Fry, whose only aim in life is to be part of the Ruling Class, no matter what or who gets trashed. It's a nightmare school caught in the grips of terror until the arrival of the totally undesirable, absolutely unfashionable, and -- way worse -- poor Twyla Gay Stark. And then, of course, there is the tall and gorgeous hunk, Ryder McQuaid, Jeanette Sue's property. Or so Jeanette Sue thinks.
My Current Thoughts :
I'm on page 21 out of 176 at the moment and I already know it doesn't even compare to SVH . Sure Jeanette Sue's a lot meaner than Jessica but literally none of the characters are relatable whereas ,with SV, I share qualities with pretty much every character.
This doesn't mean I'm not enjoying this Mean Girl's style read because after all I do love an excellent antagonist so Jeanette Sue and the rest of the clique is awesome.
One issue with this book - why does everybody have a double barrelled first name ?
Seriously Francine - Jeanette Sue, Myrna Fry (what sort of name is that anyway ?), Twyla Gay, Anna Marie, Mary Anne (BSC!) and Betty Jane - ?

Teaser Tidbit :
Basically a Teaser Tidbit challenge is a showcase of a taster from my current read to entice you to add it to your TBR pile.

"With her so blond hair (somebody said it's not really blond, but they don't know) and her aqua eyes (I heard they're colour contacts, but I don't believe that) and the whitest teeth (this girl in my math class said they're all caps, but that's not true), she's way the most perfect girl in the school." - page 2

Sound familiar? Minus the parts in brackets and Multiply by 2 you've got a standard SV opening. Seriously Francine ?

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You wouldn't want to face the wrath of Jeanette Sue, would you ? 

Review/Recap of this will be up tomorrow most likely,

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